“Mare, profumo di mare…”: the accessible cruise

If, just like me, you grew up in the wonderful ‘80s, you’ve surely identified the song including the words I used as a title for this article: the “Love boat” theme! How many of you, watching the series, have wished, at least for once, to leave on a beautiful cruise, visiting exotic lands and, maybe, having dinner at the captain’s table?

There’s no reason to give this dream up, even if you have a physical or sensory limitation or are pregnant. Let’s see what some of the most famous cruise lines offer.


  • MSC Crociere, on its boats, has cabins equipped for disabled hosts: to reserve one, simply request it (using the dedicated form available online) during the booking process or not later than 2 days before the departure. Furthermore, all the common spaces are designed to be accessible both for motoric and sensory disabled people, with Braille signage for visually impaired passengers. And what about deaf people? Upon request, cabins can be with bright and vibrating devices, a text phone and an analogical alarm. If you need a guide dog, you can bring it on board, provided that you have the requested documents and take on full responsibility. If you are pregnant, you can hop on board if you haven’t exceeded the 24th pregnancy week by the end of the cruise: in any event, it’s advisable to have a medical certificate confirming that you can travel.
  • Also Costa Crociere provides people with motoric or sensory disabilities or who have specific food needs with ad hoc If you want to know the details about the services, until the dedicated section on the company website is properly restored, you can call the (special fare) dedicated number 848 505050 or ask to be contacted filling the dedicated form.
  • Besides guaranteeing, on board, a totally barrier-free environment and providing disabled passengers with standard assistance services, Royal Caribbean has longer times to request specific services: for instance, if you wish to have a sign language interpreter on board, you must submit your request at least 60 days before sailing, while, for specific cabin equipment, you can request them “just” 30 days earlier.

But, you know, cruising doesn’t just mean having a (even funny) time on the boat. Excursions are an essential part of the journey! How can you make sure you’ll be able to enjoy them, despite some obstacles? Conditions and offered services vary– of course- depending on the destination you’ve chosen. Then, my advice is to well evaluate all the details of your journey before booking. Thereafter, once all doubts have dissolved… Let’s raise the anchor!

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