Different abilities and work: the disability hiring quotas

Throughout the years, many laws have been issued in order to promote the access to work for disabled people, giving them the opportunity to carry out activities suitable for their residual working capacity. The most famous and mentioned of those laws is the 68/99 law, regulating the so-called “hiring quotas”, not just for disabled people (the so-called “protected categories” don’t include just disabled people, but also orphans and widows due to war or work, refugees and victims of terrorism or criminality). The law establishes, for businesses with more than 15 employees, the obligation to hire also workers with disability (whose quotas depend on the total workforce), choosing them from the ones included in the appropriate lists. How can you have access to this (little) advantage?


  1. First, it’s essential to have a certificate attesting the invalidity and the final report, a document written by the same medical commission certifying the invalidity that aims to detail the residual working capacity of the person and the tasks he is suitable for. In order to request those documents, please refer to the INPS
  2. Then, go to the employment center of your area, bringing, in addition to the above documents, your identity card and fiscal code.
  3. You don’t need to bring certificates related to your qualifications (both educational and professional): self-certification is enough.

Once you enrolled in your province list, you’ll be contacted in case of opportunities suitable for your profile. When you get employed, your name is deleted from the list (since you’re not available anymore): should that employment relationship come to an end, you’ll have to enrol again, but it will take just a few minutes!

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll review together the private services (first of all, specialised job boards) helping the disabled people access the world of work.



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