Accessible fun for everyone!

Merry-go-rounds and roller-coasters are fine, aren’t they? These attractions aren’t appreciated just by children: even those (like us) who are “over 10” love and dream about them! So, why would we have to do without them?

Now, the most important amusement parks, in Italy and abroad, offer a wide range of attractions (that are usually marked with some symbols indicating their level of difficulty and, therefore, accessibility) and services to enable all their visitors fully enjoying the experience: from the littlest children to the adults, including motoric and sensory disabled people.

  • Let’s start from the most famous amusement park in Europe, Disneyland Paris, truly offers a tailor-made fun for everyone and dedicated facilitations on the tickets price you can benefit from simply showing the Priority Card that’s distributed to those who show an invalidity certificate or a medical certification, or the Facility Card, reserved to those who have a temporary disability (for instance, due to an accident) and pregnant women, always provided that they present the medical document certifying that they can use the attractions without risks. For deaf people, for instance, some attractions have a magnetic induction amplifying system. For motoric or visually disabled people and their companions (including helping animals, if needed), some attractions have dedicated accesses. Usually, the park doesn’t provide for particular discounts on the tickets price for disabled visitors, but it’s always advisable to verify any specific initiative calling 02/75419755.
  • Coming back into the Italian borders, Gardaland offers assisted entry cards (for disabled and elderly people and pregnant women, with procedures that are very similar to those applied by Disneyland Paris) and dedicated prices for tickets addressed disabled visitors and their companions: not self-sufficient disabled people have right to a free entry ticket, while their helpers can enter buying a reduced cost ticket; autonomous disabled people, instead, can access the park buying a 33 € ticket (of course, showing all the appropriate documents). Furthermore, Gardaland has also dedicated accesses and services and signage for physical and sensory disabled people, both at the attractions and in the areas reserved to performances, at the restaurants and shops inside the park. Furthermore, this year Gardaland offers a brand new service: Easy Rider, to guide groups including people with a disability inside the park, helping them to choose the most suitable attractions and to plan their day. To fully enjoy the fun, I recommend downloading the guide from the park website, planning in advance your itinerary and arriving in advance, so that you can retire the card and benefit from all the dedicated services. Do you have any particular need? You can directly get in touch with the park using the contacts specified on its website.
  • The service level offered by Mirabilandia is very similar, both in terms of pricing and services. The park in Ravenna pays particular attention to families with children, that can benefit from an ad hoc package, and to “senior” visitors, who have right to a special price ticket. For not self-sufficient disabled people (and for children whose height is below 1 meter), the entrance is free, while their companions can benefit from a reduced price ticket. For more info or specific needs, it’s possible to contact the park management office using the form available online.
  • Similar conditions are offered by Rainbow Magicland as well. The amusement park near Rome has both attractions with different difficulty and accessibility levels and pricing policies dedicated to specific categories of visitors: free entrance for children below 1 meter of height and not self-sufficient disabled people; reduced price entrance, instead, for children until 14 years old, pregnant women, over 65 and autonomous disabled people (in these cases, the ticket must be bought directly at the park ticket office). Furthermore, there are special price packages for groups, schools and families.
  • Finally, Etnaland, the park near Catania, offers free entrance to children below 1 meter of height and dedicated discounts for those below 140 centimetres of height. For people whose disability is higher than 75% and their companions, the entrance ticket costs €15, both for the Themepark and the Aquapark.

Are you ready to launch yourself in one day (or more!) full of fun and adventure?

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