Accessible tourism: the global guide

On this website, we often state how important it is guaranteeing the right to an accessible tourism to everyone. Since also people with a motoric or sensory disability can and want to have fun, travel, discover new places, even very far from their daily life.

accessible tourism

One of the main obstacles preventing it from becoming real, in addition to the existence of architectonical barriers, is the fact that finding clear and detailed information about your dream destination can be very tricky. The Internet helps reducing distances and there’s a growing number of websites and blogs (including Move@bility!) that share useful info to enjoy a tourism for all.

accessible tourism guide

Now, there’s a new tool collecting info, contact details and reviews written “on the field” by disabled tourists and specialised operators: the Lonely Planet guide fully dedicated to barrier-free journeys all around the world. You can download the guide in PDF format for free from the e-shop area of the official website of the most renowned publisher of tourism guides. There are some countries missing (e.g., Brazil, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia), but the guide is continuously updated, so maybe it will soon add new destinations.

But be careful! Traditionally, one of the features which made the Lonely Planet guides famous all around the world is the fact that the locations they describe have always been personally visited by the guide writers. In this case, even due to the guide’ global perspective, the main source of information is, on the contrary, the web, but they’re still considered reliable.

Of course, when we talk about journeys, needs vary based on the individual. And this principle, that can be applied to everyone, is even more so worth when we talk about accessible tourism, because, let’s say it paraphrasing Tolstoj, everyone is disabled his own way.

Therefore, my advice is to use the guide as a starting point to collect info. But you’d better check them calling or sending an e-mail to the hotel or the resort/attraction/location you’re interested in.

“The traveller is the journey”

Fernando Pessoa

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