“Dialogo nel Buio”: you don’t need sight to look ahead

Since ten years, the Milan Blind People Institute hosts “Dialogo nel Buio” (“Dialogue in the Dark”, ndt), an evocative one hour exhibition/path, immersed into the full darkness.

"Dialogo nel Buio"

Then, an exhibition where visitors- accompanied by an experienced blind guide- can explore the spaces (inside and outside) of the path relying on all senses, except sight.

In the darkness, everything acquires a different “taste”: from food you can taste during the dinner (that must be booked apart, in addition to the path), to coffee and flowers smell, ‘til the perception of space and your own self. But this isn’t a mere imitation of blindness: “Dialogo nel Buio” is far more than a way to experience, without light, the other senses activate in a more powerful way, giving back a deeper experience of reality and interaction with the other people participating in the path. .

You can experience the “Dialogo nel Buio” path in groups of 8 people, aged 6 or more (“under 18” can participate only if they’re with an adult), plus the guide. Of course, during the path, you can’t bring anything bright, including mobile and smartphones: all the things that could create a diversion during the path must be deposited in the appropriate cabinets before starting.

Given its peculiarity, “Dialogo nel Buio” is also open to people with motoric, sensory or psychic disabilities, but with some expedients:

  • Disability must be specified while booking, so that an assistance service can be organized, if needed.
  • If you use crutches or other walking aids, you can use the wheelchairs available directly in loco.

In August, “Dialogo nel Buio” takes a break, but the exhibition/path will restart in September (for reservations or more info, please refer to its website).

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this experience or gift your loved ones with it! You’ll realize that even for who can’t see, life isn’t necessarily dull or sad: it’s simply different.

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