My “accessible” wishlist for 2016

August 10th, St. Lawrence’s night. A night of falling stars and wishes made enjoying them.

According to the popular belief, to make your wishes come true, I must not disclose them. So, I’m not going to share with you my most private wishes (also because I’m not that cocky to think others can be interested in them!).

However, I want to share with you my “public” wishlist, linked to the main Move@bility’s topic: accessibility in all of its meanings.

August 10th - wishlist

  1. No more architectonical barriers, at least on public transport (just to begin!)
  2. Full recognition of the disabled people dignity, regardless of the individual specific disease
  3. Demolition of cultural barriers, which still create walls where bridges would be needed
  4. Really equal opportunities in all fields for everyone: women or men, able-bodied or disabled, old or young, tall or short, fat or thin, handsome or “one of a kind” … Everyone!
  5. Easier access to facilitations and services that promote accessibility and ease the daily life
  6. More respect, availability and sensitivity towards your neighbor, his needs and his SOS
  7. Support by institutions and private businesses to ideas and projects promoting accessibility and inclusion of everyone
  8. Support to scientific research so that it can make progresses studying diseases and find effective therapies
  9. More hugs, more books, more music and less weapons (even better, if they’d entirely disappear!)
  10. A free, open and really “suitable for all” world

What? Are those wishes a little bit “demanding”, aren’t they? Yes, as John Lennon used to sing: “You may say I’m a dreamer”… But let’s try to be positive and see how many of them will have come true (even partially) in next years, ok?

PS. Help me extend the “accessible” wishlist for 2016: add yours in comments below!

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