Trentino: a new service for accessible holidays

Even though, usually, when we think about summer holidays, the first thing coming up to our mind is the sea, I’ve always been more attracted by mountain: uncontaminated landscapes to explore, in close contact with nature, far from the crowd and stress… Wonderful! Another quality of the mountain is that you can live it 12 months per year, in a different way based on the season. And the prospect becomes even more tempting if we think that even a context which is generally linked to the opposite of accessibility for people with motoric or sensory disabilities can, on the contrary, offer a lot to these visitors as well. It’s demonstrated also by the Trentino “Vacanza Facile” project, a web portal built up by several local companioning organizations: the “Archè” Social Co-operative, the “Scie di Passione” Ski School, the Social Co-operative “La Ruota”, AGSAT (the Trentino Association of Autistic People’ Parents), the Ski Elite Group, the Social Promotion Association “Nuove Rotte”, the “Zampa Amica” Association, the Autism Social Co-operative, the Erterle Social Shelter, the Integrated Personal Assistance Social Co-operative, La Mano (transportation service for disabled people) and Avisio Rafting.


The Trentino “Vacanza Facile” project aims to let disabled people and their families know all the opportunities and structures this wonderful region offers to enable them enjoying their holiday, but always paying a lot of attention to everyone’ specific needs.

Trentino - lake

The accessible tourism offer collected on the website is very varied:

  • open air excursions on paths designed based on the participants needs, with the chance to benefit from accessible shelters and bivouacs along the tour
  • skiing on the suggestive Dolomites
  • rafting
  • pet therapy
  • water activities into the swimming pool
  • visits to museums and castles
  • country festivals and other opportunities of amusement and fun.


And you can benefit from all of this without ever losing sight of the hosts safety, also thanks to the continuous presence and support of assistants, educators and specialised consultants.

So, are you ready to book your accessible stay in Trentino?


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