“Cinema senza barriere”: accessible movies for everyone

After the summer break, restarts “Cinema senza barriere” (“Cinema without barriers”), the film festival accessible to everyone organized by A.I.A.C.E. (Italian Association of Arthouse Cinema’ Friends) whose promotional activities of filmmaking in all its forms include, since a few years, the commitment to make the “seventh art” available to everyone, including those with a disability, even a sensory one.

The festival has reached its eleventh edition. Started in 2005 from the “Spazio Oberdan” in Milan, today also includes Rome (“Cinema dei Piccoli”), Bari (“Multicinema Galleria”), Brescia (“Cinema Nuovo Eden”) and Venice (Candiani Centre).

Cinema senza barriere

Once a month, thanks to the cooperation of ENS (National Authority for Deaf People) and UIC (Italian Union of Blind and Partially-sighted People), even deaf and blind or partially-sighted spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy the most praised movies: the first ones can read the integrated subtitles, while the latter receive infrared headphones at the entrance, so that they can listen to the audio comment, that adds to the movie dialogues clues about the characters spirit, the context, the landscapes, the shot techniques.

Cinema senza barriere” isn’t only aimed to enable blind and deaf people to watch a movie: its main goal is to use a typical place of aggregation, the cinema, to promote the full inclusion of people with a sensory disability in the society.

cinema popcorn

Why would those people just watch DVD movies at home, giving up the pleasure to spend an evening at the cinema with friends and family and- why not? – discuss the trendiest movies with their colleagues during a coffee break? It takes a few to help them overtake their own handicap, at the cinema: then, why not?

The list of the cinemas which adhere to “Cinema senza barriere” is available and constantly updated on its website. We hope their number keeps on increasing, such as the attention towards everyone’s needs (not just as regards culture).

Intanto, buona visione!

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