“Pompei per tutti”: the digs are (at last) accessible

2016 ends with good news: starting from December 2nd (in time for the World Disability Day, not just an accidental coincidence, and, for sure, a meaningful one), will finally start “Pompei per tutti” (“Pompeii for all”), a 3 km itinerary that will enable people with motoric disabilities, little children and elderly people, but also blind and partially-sighted ones, to enjoy one of the most famous and visited archaeological sites in the world.

"Pompei per tutti"

Thanks to the new clay floor on sidewalks and uncovered areas, plus some steel ramps, removable and respectful towards the site’ structure and historic value, everyone can now visit Pompeii with no risks. The “Pompei per tutti” itinerary twists and turns from the Porta Marina entrance to the Amphitheatre, alongside Abbondanza road, with the chance to access the most interesting domus and the most meaningful buildings in the site, for a total of 20 monuments. It will be possible to visit the Giulia Felice’s complex, the Venus in the Shell’s house and the Octavius Quartio house, both opened again in March, or the Ephebe’s house, the Cryptportico’ and the Sacerdos Amandus’ ones, that can be visited since December 2015. It will also include the Fugitives’ garden, the Faun house and the Dioscuri’s house, to reach the tower closing Mercury road. The itinerary also leads to the Court, with the chance to walk the most part of the portico, from the Basilica to the Venus Temple.

Pompei per tutti

Picture ©Repubblica.it

“Pompei per tutti” will be the most extended assisted itinerary to visit an archaeological site, in Italy. We hope it won’t remain a unique case, but only the first of a long list, since Italy is, as a matter of fact, an “open air museum” that everyone, including people with disabilities or reduced mobility, has the right to enjoy and admire.

Pompei per tutti

Picture ©Repubblica.it

For more information and to best organize your visit to the Pompeii archaeological site, please refer to its official website.


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