An (accessible) night at the Scala

December 7th is approaching and, in Milan, this means the city patron saint’s (St. Ambrose) festival and the season opening at the most famous theatre in the city: the Scala. This year, the opera selected for the premiere is “Tosca” by Giacomo Puccini, the heartbreaking story of the love between the singer Floria Tosca and Mario Cavaradossi (do you remember the famous aria “Vissi d’arte”?).

Would you like to attend one of the opera performances in the Scala’s evocative setting, but you’re worried about the accessibility of the theatre itself and of the seats you’d be assigned to? I’ve got good news for you: the theatre makes some seats in the parterre area (where accessibility is favoured by some ramps and which has also a bathroom equipped for disabled people) available for spectators with a motoric disability (whether they use a wheelchair or not) and their companions, in all the performances. In detail, there are:

  • 3 seats reserved to spectators using a wheelchair (and their companions)
  • 1 seat reserved to spectators with a severe disability or reduced motoring capacity (plus their companion)

The Scala Theatre

The ticket for the companion is free, while the one for the disabled person is sold at dedicated price, in accordance with the following list:

  • Opera: starting from € 80
  • Ballet: starting from € 50
  • Symphonic concert: starting from € 40
  • Piano recital: € 40
  • Singing recital: € 17
  • Christmas concert: € 60
  • December 7th: € 250

The Scala Theatre - inside

Are you wondering how to book your seat at the Scala? For December 7th, we’re tight on time, now, but you can still attend an encore performance of the opera or another of the performances included in this season’ programme. All you have to do, once you have found the one you’re interested in on the theatre website and made sure that the ticket sales have started, is to get in touch with the Scala Central Ticket Office calling 02/88796112 to book your seat and buy the ticket. Always remember to specify, while booking, if you use a wheelchair or need a seat: you’ll avoid problems during the performance!

Did I tempt you to watch “Tosca” at the Scala? Well: download its libretto to follow the performance as best as you can!

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