Sports and disability: the call by Fondazione Vodafone

Benefits, under a physical, psychological and relational perspective, of playing sports even for people with a disability have been known since a long time. We’ve talked many times about how also who has a severe disability can play sport, even at competitive level, as the outcomes of Paralympic athletes show. That’s the scenario where the new initiative by Fondazione Vodafone Italia inserts itself, aiming to promote the meeting among sports and disability.

sports and disability

The Foundation has just launched a “call for ideas” with the goal, as we can read on its official website, to identify ideas and projects which promote a cultural shift and concretely and effectively support the spread of sports among people with physical, sensory and cognitive-relational disabilities in Italy.  

which ideas and projects?

The call by Fondazione Vodafone about sports and disability is addressed to large-scale, national projects, promoting sport inclusion, through innovation and/or actions able to involve people with disability, their families, trainers, volunteers, etc. But also “smaller”, local projects, such as starting a new sport project addressed to disabled people inside an association, improving the accessibility of plants and structures, etc. For instance:

  • diffusion of sport culture among people with disability and their families, to promote their approach to sports;
  • diffusion of inclusion programmes through sports in schools and meeting places for young people;
  • training programmes for qualified staff (physiotherapists, technicians, trainers, coaches), to guide, follow and start the sport practice among people with disability;
  • playing sports with innovative and effective service and intervention models;
  • access to subsidies and equipment for practicing paralympic sports also through processes of materials regeneration and recycling;
  • developing new models, goods or serviceswhich lower the cost of actions, initiatives, interventions aiming to promote inclusion of disabled people through sports;
  • designing and producing innovative aids to promote sports practice from disabled people.

sports and disability - wheelchair basketball

who can participate?

The call about sports and disability is addressed to non-profit institutions and associations, operating all over Italy, preferably with a background in activities of inclusion and Paralympic sports.  The proponents must have their legal or operational residence in Italy and the project must impact on the national territory.

how to participate?

To participate in the call about sports and disability, you must read the guidelines available on the Foundation website and fill in by January 31st 2017 the registration form, filling and attaching, when needed:

sports and disability - paralympic games

The selected ideas will share the 1,6 million € contribution offered by Fondazione Vodafone Italia, splitted as follows:

  • 1,2 million € in total for Big Projects;
  • 400 thousand € in total to co-fund Local Projects, provided that each of them collects at least 50% of its financial needs through crowdfunding, carried out under the supervision and with the support, the tools and the brokerage of technological companions made available for free by Fondazione Vodafone.

Are you ready to participate?


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