“Axioma”: un cortometraggio sulla disabilità

An axiom is a “self-evident” principle which, therefore, doesn’t need to be demonstrated. This concept is recalled by the word “Axioma, the title of the short film devoted to narrating disability and its practical and psychological effects on who lives this condition. The movie is produced by Village For All, which has been committed for years to ensure everyone the most suitable holiday, as its mission states.

Logo Axioma

In this case, the axiom is the story of the “Axioma” main character and of his life “before” and “after” the accident that deprived him from the ability to walk. The movie narrates his life, his feeling, first, a dead weight for his family and for the community, to the point that he decides to “imprison himself” before gradually getting to be aware that, despite the appearance, not everything was lost and he, just like any other individual, has the possibility to “reborn”.

Axioma” starts from the assumption that disability doesn’t concern only a few “unlucky people”, but, somewhat, it touches anyone, contrary to what our culture usually tends to make us think. The movie doesn’t want to give a voice just to “disabled people in the strict sense”, that is who has a physical or psychical disability, but also to those who are outcast, victims of violence or bullying. The goal, as the commercial that launches the project claims, is to “break the prejudice barrier and enclose in a room without windows and doors the useless politically correct, to replace it with consistency between thinking and action”, aiming, on the contrary, to reach equality through love and friendship, in a journey that can be bearable for any individual.

But, you know, making a movie, promote and distribute it in cinemas (even though we’re talking about a short film), has a cost. For this reason, Village For All has launched a crowdfunding campaign, which will close at the beginning of March: to support the making of the short film, you can donate even one euro. But, obviously, donating more isn’t forbidden!

Let’s participate!


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