“Giocando si impara”: the UILDM campaign for accessible playgrounds

We know it: playing is essential for the individual development, starting from the most tender age. Through play, we don’t just develop body coordination, logic and cognitive capabilities: playing together with others, the child socializes and puts himself into the context he lives in, learning to relate to others, acknowledging and accepting differences.  Outdoor playing, moreover, has many benefits, both at a physical and psychological level. And that’s also valid for children with any disability. But the right to play, that is ratified by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,  is too often denied to children with motoric or sensory disabilities, due to the lack of accessible playgrounds, which could ensure them a fully safe experience. This is the topic of this year’s UILDM National Day, whose emblematic title is “Giocando si impara” (“You learn by playing”).

"Giocando si impara" the poster

The campaign poster – Picture by © UILDM

Until April 19th, we’ll have the opportunity to support the Italian Union Fighting Against Muscular Dystrophy in its awareness campaign aiming to grant the right to play, even outdoor, to all the children, including those with a disability. The number of accessible playgrounds, in our country, has increased, throughout these years, marking a higher awareness towards accessibility: thanks to your signals, we often talked about it on Move@bility social profiles as well. But we cannot stop here and the “Giocando s’impara” campaign reminds us of it. Ensuring access to outdoor play to all the children, we don’t just protect their right: we also help the entire community to become aware of the need and possibility of a full and effective inclusion for everyone, including people with disability, in our community.  While playing, differences are cancelled and all the children are equal: then, starting right from children, through play, we can aim to create a social context where no one is excluded.

"Giocando si impara"

Picture © UILDM


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