“Corsie gialle e Ztl”: an app that makes life easier

Once again, technology helps people with a disability. We’ve already talked about some app with this goal, for instance those used to identify or point out architectonical barriers. Today, we’ll talk about “Corsie gialle e Ztl” (“Yellow lanes and controlled traffic zones“), the app that allows to speed up the procedure to request the permit to access the controlled traffic zones, increasingly present in our cities, and to fast tracks.

driving a car

Car drivers with a disability who have the specific blu permit, can access:

  • the controlled traffic zones
  • the lanes reserved for buses and cabs 
  • the pedestrian areas, provided that other type of vehicles can access them, particularly those used for public transport services
  • in case of block, interruption or limitation to circulation due to public safety, public interest or against pollution, for instance during eco-friendly Sundays or  even and odd numbers of license plates.

Usually, to access a controlled traffic zone, you must follow a quite complex procedure and communicate your intention to circulate in that given zone to the appropriate offices of your Municipality, sending, through fax or e-mail: your license plate data, the day and the time slot you want to circulate and a copy of the specific documents requested by your Municipality (for instance, you can find here the web page with the forms to send your request to the Municipality of Milan).

This procedure can definitely be made faster and simplified thanks to “Corsie gialle e Ztl”. The app, which is currently available for Android devices, enables you to send, in a few steps, all the requested info to get the authorization to access the controlled traffic zone of the city you’re interested in. You can see how in this short video:

Through the”Corsie gialle e Ztl” app, you can:

  • scan the documents, needed to send the circulation request, even using your smartphone camera
  • import from the photo gallery of your device the images of the documents, if you have previously scanned them
  • select the city, the date, the time slot of your transit and the license plate of your car to prepare the e-mail message that will be sent to the Municipality where the controlled traffic zone or the yellow lanes are located
  • license plate and documents scans are stored into the app so that you don’t need to upload them every time you need.

"Corsie gialle e Ztl"

 To make a long story short, you can do everything in a few clicks, in an easy and fast way.  Isn’t it an advantage?

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