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There’s an increasing number of initiatives aiming to ease the daily life of people with disability. We already talked about some of them and several apps helping to improve the quality of life of who lives with any disability. Today, I’ll talk about MAKEtoCARE, an initiative promoted by Sanofi Genzyme companioning with Maker Faire Rome, the event that, every year, recalls to our Capital city the most creative minds in Italy and abroad.


MAKEtoCARE aims to discover and support healthcare and wellness projects to improve the life of people with a disability, changing the present and contributing to create a better future.

MAKEtoCARE Click4All

Click4All, one of the 2016 winners, is a kit to make computer or rehabilitation aids

how to participate in maketocare?

Should you have projects or inventions aligned to the event goal, by September 15th, you can candidate them (here, following the guidelines available on MAKEtoCARE website) to participate in the second edition (the first one took place in 2016) of the contest, which will end on November 29th in RomeParticipating in the contest is free and open both to individuals and businesses, associations, institutions, both Italian and foreign.

MAKEtoCARE dbGlove

dbGlove, the other 2016 winner, helps blind and deafblind people to use mobile devices

The projects must be innovative and original, able to answer still not satisfied needs, having a tangible impact on the quality of life of disabled people and being scalable and, potentially, applicable also to different areas.

Io Kitchen MAKEtoCARE

Another idea from 2016: Io Kitchen, the kitchen which varies the height of countertops

An evaluation panel, headed by the dean of Rome “Tor Vergata” University, will review the projects which will have been received by the middle of September and will choose the finalist ones. The two winning projects will be awarded on November 29th. However, all the finalist projects will have the opportunity to participate in the Maker Faire Rome (December 1st-3rd), next to Sanofi Genzyme, and, just for the winners, a super-award: a journey to Silicon Valley, where they will have the chance to visit fast prototyping and 3D printing companies, start-up businesses working in healthcare and wellness, web giants, fab labs, incubators and co-working spaces.

Do you have a ready prototype that, in your opinion, could really make a difference in the disabled people life? Don’t hesitate: apply now and good luck!

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