Pension: 2017 social security benefits for disabled workers

Do you have a disability and are starting to think about  when you can retire? Good news for you: for workers with a disability equal or higher than 80%, the laws currently in force gives the opportunity to retire (both old-age or early pension) some years earlier, compared with the general age, which is currently fixed to 66 years and 7 months for old-age pension or 42 years and 10 months of contribution for the early pension (41 years and 10 months for women).



Private businesses employees with a disability not lesser than 80% can access the old-age pension at 60 if men and 55 if women provided that they have at least 20 years of contribution, as per the art. 1, sub. 8 of the Dlgs 503/1992. Starting from 2013, these requirements adjust according to life expectancy, then, in the period 2016-2018, men must reach at least 60 years and 7 months and women 55 years and 7 months of age. But pay attention: you must wait for the 12 months mobile time window to open to get the first pension rate, contrary to what currently happens in the general law, that abolished the annual time windows starting from 2012.

Furthermore, the article 80, sub. 3 of the 388/2000 law allows deaf workers, certified disabled (no matter the reason) with at least 74% of disability, disabled veterans, disabled people due to war and service in public administrations with a disability included in the first four categories of the AA table attached to the unique text of laws about war pensions (DPR 915/1978) to request, for each working yeartwo months of imputed contributions. This benefit is valid only for the periods of working as employees (both for the public administration and private businesses), not for autonomous workers or for contributions related to the redemption of  non-working periods (for instance, the years of university studies).

Starting from this year, furthermore, there are two additional benefits linked to pension. The first is the chance, for workers with a disability equal or higher than 74%, starting from 63 years old, to obtain the so-called social APE,  a subsidy to accompany ’til the old-age pension supplied by the Government. The subsidy value is equal to the amount of the pension matured at the time of access to it, within a maximum of 1,500 gross € per month. To be eligible for it, the worker must have at least 30 years of OACP. As an alternative, should it be a more favourable condition than the social APE, the workers with at least 41 years of OACP (regardless of gender and age) who worked for at least 12 months before 19 years of age (the so-called premature workers) can access the early pension.

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