SalaBlu online: train assistance in a few clicks

During All Saint’s Day long weekend, I had the chance to make a short trip by train. Of course, to make sure avoiding issues hopping on and off the train (waiting for when Italy will reach the full autonomous accessibility, for passengers with motoric disabilities too, as it happens already since a long time in other countries… but let’s keep hoping!), a few days before the departure, I requested the assistance I need, through the standard Trenitalia procedure. Everything went smoothly, both during the leaving and the return, also thanks to the assistance of very kind and friendly operators. I didn’t know that Trenitalia has just launched a brand new platform (actually, a little bit hidden inside the website) to request more quickly the assistance service that fits best with each passenger’ specific needs: SalaBlu online.

SalaBlu online

Picture ©Trenitalia

how to use salablu online?

To access SalaBlu online, you must sign up on the platform (any existing access data used on Trenitalia website isn’t worth), filling the form with the requested info: personal data, e-mail, phone, preferred assistance service (you can pick up to 3 different ones, according to your specific disability) and authorization to data usage for delivering the service (the second authorization, referred to the service quality, is optional). Once you’ve completed the sign-up procedure clicking on “Conferma”, you’ll get an e-mail message with a link to confirm your registration and setting up a password to access the service.

how to request assistance through SALABLU ONLINE?

Once you’ve logged in, clicking on “Proposte di viaggio”, you’ll see a screenshot where you can select the data about the trip you’re interested in, using, where available, the drop-down menus: departure date, departure time slot, departure and arrival stations. Thereafter, you’ll reach a screen summarizing the trip solutions fitting with the criteria you’ve specified earlier: just choose your preferred one clicking on the two arrows to reach the screenshot reserved to the details about the assistance service you have requested. For instance, in case of assistance for motoric disability, you’ll have to specify if you need help to hop on and off the train, if you need the lift truck and the meeting points, plus your trip companion’s data (if any). Once you have filled this screen as well, your assistance request is registered on the system and processed by the involved blue rooms: you can check the status of your request through “Proposte di viaggio”, whenever you want.

In conclusion, essentially, now, thanks to SalaBlu online, you can do more quickly and in total autonomy what you previously used to do through e-mail or phone, with a longer procedure (and, sometimes, risking to buy a trip solution not fitting with the assistance service you need). Plus, should you have doubts, the “Guide” is just one click away!

Have you tested this service already? What do you think about it?


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