ParmAccessibile: Jessica and Matteo’s challenge

Everyone of us daily faces various architectonical barriers. They can be pointed out and overtaken through everyone’s commitment and cooperation. This is the starting point of “ParmAccessibile: itinerari accessibili di Parma e dintorni” (“Accessible Parma: accessible itineraries in Parma and its surroundings“), the fundraising launched by Jessica Borsi and Matteo Salini, two young from Parma with a motoric disability, in cooperation with ANMIC (the National Association for Amputees and Legally Disabled People), with the goal to make an “accessible” guide of Parma and its surroundings, mainly for people with motoric disabilities.


Matteo and Jessica

The two guys had previously created, a web portal that’s become a reference point for who’s looking for accessible tourism solutions in Parma and its surroundings. Now, it’s time for the next big step: in view of 2020, when Parma will be the Italian Capital City for Culture, Jessica and Matteo want to make sure that as many citizens and tourists as possible can access the many initiatives that will take place. From here, the idea of “ParmAccessibile”, a paper and digital guide,  that will be distributed for free both to tourists with a disability and to elderly and families with little children, and whoever, for any reason, needs to pay a bigger attention to accessibility. In particular, will be mapped paths in the monumental Parma, including the most touristically interesting sites, for instance: the Cathedral, S. Giovanni, piazza Garibaldi, piazzale della Pace, Teatro Regio, or in the surroundings of Parma, for accessible tours immersed into nature.

how to fund “parmaccessibile”?

But such an ambitious project costs. So, to fund it, Jessica and Matteo have chosen the crowdfunding. ‘Til the end of June 2018, signing up to the Becrowdy platform, everyone of us will have the chance to chip in to make this useful project come true. All the contributors will receive a little reward, based to the amount of their contributions. Even businesses, in view of a 500 € contribution, will see their logo in the Sponsors section of the guide.

Would you like to have more info? On the Becrowdy page devoted to ParmAccessibile, you can also find details about how the collected funds will be splitted.

Contributing is worthwhile, isn’t it?

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