Aspasso Bike: the bicycle fitting for all needs

I admit it: among the experiences that I missed, due to the disability I’ve been living with for almost all my life, there’s also going around on a bicycle. My uncertain, to say the least, balance has always made this vehicle unapproachable, for me, and I only could look at the other children speeding in front of me on their bikes, with a little bit of envy. But nowadays, luckily, even who has a motoric disability has the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a bicycle, thanks to  Aspasso Bike, a “special mobilityproject  100%  “made in Italy”, that aims to enable everyone to move and have fun on a bike.

Il logo di Aspasso

aspasso: a bike for each and every need

Aspasso VeloplusAspasso offers to its users various models of bikes, carefully designed to fit for each and every need. For instance, Veloplus is the power-assisted model desigend for people on a wheelchair, who can enjoy the ride on a bike, together with a companion, safely and without having to move from the wheelchair, thanks to its tilting and self-blocking platform.

Aspassobike Opair


Opair, instead, is a “2 in 1” model, since the passenger seat can also be unhooked from the bike, to use it as a standard wheelchair. Power-assisted and highly customizable, it ensures the maximum comfort to all the users.



Aspasso - Fun2GoFor those with different motoric disabilities, there’s Fun2Go, a model that enables also the passenger to pedal, even though  the vehicle controls are exclusively placed on the companion’s handlebars… Alike it happens on cars used for driving lessons, hence.

All the models offered by Aspasso Bike can be customized graphically (for instance, adding their owner’s name or the logo of a company) and adapted and can be equipped with additional accessories, to satisfy even the most specific needs.

Are you interested in buying an Aspasso Bike model or you simply want to learn more about them? Get directly in touch with the project team, through their official website.


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