“L’Autostima di prima mattina” to discover your own talent

Chiara Cavenago

Chiara Cavenago

Today, I’m pleased to host on Move@bility Chiara Cavenago, a professional with a solid background in career consulting and professional orientation, as well as owner of the website “Le Faremo Sapere”, a real compass in the world of work. I asked Chiara to talk about a totally free initiative  that, in my opinion, can prove to be useful to who’s looking for a job or already spurs and motivation: “L’Autostima di prima mattina“. Now I turn the floor to Chiara, for more details!

Even before starting to look for a job, it would be good to have the right tools to offer yourself on the market. But before writing down an effective resume and a cover letter, you’d need to understand what to write on them. To do that, there are two fundamental tasks to carry out: a skills assessment and a reflection to define your own professional goal. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t make sense to write down a bare anti-chronological list of our professional experiences, if you don’t know what you want to tell about yourself to who will handle this resume.


You need a little bit of effort to start extracting from your own story your skills and knowledge and, starting from them, analyzing what you like, what you need, what you expect from a job, you’ll be able to identify a goal. But the difficulty lies in the time when I hear my clients say: “But I can’t do anything”. Sure, so far you’ve just been sitting there watching a monitor, closed into a a storage closet without contacts with anyone…

Sure you can do something!!! Everyone can do something, and you don’t need to be able to save the world to find a suitable job.  Indee, everyone noted the Avengers when they defeated the flying monster in New York and saved the Earth, but then other indispensable little men with no name have been working hard to fix the disaster.  Have you ever thought about it? As you can see, the world needs everyone of us, and each one can do things that, ok, maybe everybody can do, but not everyone does. Then, without any value judgement about the exceptionality of what you can do, the first step is to realize what you can do.

The second step is to understand that many of the things you take for granted, aren’t so for everyone and,  just because they’re so natural to you, they become your strong points. Being aware of that can help your self-esteem and that’s why, in front of the nth “But I cannot do anything!”, I thought to create something that could help raise the self-esteem of who doesn’t feel that confident about his own skills.

"L'Autostima di prima mattina"


I called it “L’Autostima di prima mattina”: I named it after the single by ICS/Morgan performed at  X-Factor a few years ago and it’s a 4 email messages journey, one for week starting from June 21st,  delivered to your mailbox at the coffee time. In each message, I introduce one or two exercises to think about yourself, your successes, your traits and understand how to use this new self-awareness to prepare an effective introduction of yourself towards your speaker. A “speaker” can be your prospective employer or a customer: in fact, I don’t only target who’s looking for a job as an employee, but also those who want to work as entrepreneurs or freelancers.  For this, I’ve been supported by Silvia Gazzotti – CambiaMentor, a specialist in  empowerment for those who have (or want to start) their own business.

I didn’t omit the importance of doing something as a group to support enthusiasm and motivation, then I wait for your contribution through stories or pictures with the hashtag #autostimacolcaffè, to meet and support each other.

how to sign up

In order to sign up for the “L’Autostima di prima mattina” journey, you only need to leave your name and email address here: https://www.subscribepage.com/y1m8j5. Should you want to know more, have a look at the  post on my blog!




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