Trieste per Tutti, for a barrier-free tourism

In Italy, there’s a city where, walking around its streets, you often feel like being in Austria or in a Middle-European city. This city is Trieste, full of history, art, culture (a name for all, Italo Svevo), sport tradition.  Since a few years, the city is particularly committed to accessibility and chances to make its architectonical and artistic heritage available for everyone. This is confirmed by”Trieste per Tutti” (Trieste for All), the project supported by the city Municipality to promote  a barrier-free tourism, without architectonical or cultural limitations.

The Municipality in Unità d’Italia Square

On “Trieste per Tutti”, you can find useful information for both tourists and citizens with a disability or special needs to plan an “accessibility-proof” visit of the city: from hotels to restaurants, from monuments to public interest locations, etc. The available information is also obtained through the cooperation of users based on their own experience. On the website, you can find details about the accessibility of taxis and public transports, for instance, as well as a selection of accessible hotels and hostels, with details about the available services and the possibility to directly contact the facilities for more specific requests.

Trieste - Castello di Miramare

Miramare Castle

Of course, Trieste per Tutti also includes a section devoted to locations of historical and cultural interest in the city: from the majestic Miramare Castle to the Risiera of San Sabba, not to mention churches, museums and theatres. Each location sheet includes details about architectonical barriers and facilitations available in the buildings and nearby, as well as information about the accessibility of public transports and their nearest stops. Hence, whatever you need to enjoy your stay in the city without any nasty surprise!

Of course, should you have particular needs, you’d better get directly in touch with the locations you wish to visit: maybe you’ll discover additional services that, at the moment, aren’t specified on the website and -why not?- share this information to help other users. Enjoy your stay in Trieste!  🙂

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