“Inclusive Revolution”, a conference about work and inclusion

We often talk about work inclusion of people with a disability, a topic that, most of all in these specific times we’re living due to the pandemic, may seem sort of utopia. But it isn’t so: even nowadays, we must commit together- organizations, businesses and workers with a disability- so that these “utopia” could turn into real for as many people as possible. On October 9th, I had the pleasure to share my personal experience of professional with an evident physical disability during the digital conference “Inclusive Revolution“, organized by the European University of Rome partnering with companies including Alstom, Auticon, Avio Aero, Divercity, IBM, Intesa Sanpaolo, Tim, UniCredit.

Rivoluzione Inclusiva

The poster of the “Inclusive Revolution” conference

The “Inclusive Revolution” conference, that took place online complying with the current regulations to contrast the spread of the infection, not only represented an opportunity to think about this topic, but also to get to know best practices already applied by some businesses, as well as the point of view of those directly involved: workers with a disability. My speech aimed exactly to share my own professional experience, all in all a success case, mostly if compared with that of many others, also offering food for thoughts to the business representatives who participated in the event, about the selection process, as well as the prejudices that often negatively impact the employability, but also the career opportunities of workers with a disability, no matter how qualified they can be.

Below you can find two videos of my speech during the “Inclusive Revolution” conference. In the first one, I shared my own experience, while in the second one I answered some questions emerged during the conference.

As I always do, I wanted to offer food for thoughts aiming to achieve, all together, a different way to look at disability, that doesn’t focus on limitations anymore, but leaves room for the abilities and the specific skills and experience of people, regardless of their specific condition.

What do you think about it? Do you want to share your own experience?

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