Living “no limits”

What does “handicap” mean, exactly? According to the definition given by the World Health Organization in 1999, “handicap” isn’t just the disablement (both physical or sensory) affecting someone for a limited time or permanently. “Handicap” is also (and especially) the social consequence of the disablement itself, that is the totality of external factors contributing to reduce (or- alas! – increase) the “disadvantage” for the people affected by a disability.

This means that, thanks to the appropriate expedients, also people affected by a motoric or sensory disability can live “no limits”, that is sensibly reduce or totally remove the barriers preventing them from taking full part in the social life (working, having fun, traveling, etc.).

In this section of the website, we’ll collect some examples of existing services that allow living “no limits”, in Italy and abroad. Moreover, thanks to your clues, we’ll add ideas to reduce barriers more and more, until they will totally disappear.

Useful info

Living with a physical or sensory limitation isn’t easy, but not even impossible. Nowadays more than ever, you can do many things generally associated with the concept of “normality”: working, traveling, having fun, studying, driving… In many cases, you can also benefit from dedicated facilitations. You just need to know who to turn to and … Continue reading Useful info


Is a disable person unsuitable for work? No, of course. In the most cases, the (physical or sensory) handicap isn’t incompatible with carrying out a work. Of course, you’ll have to choose a job that fits your specific capacity and possibility: we can’t ask a paraplegic person to do a job requiring too much physical … Continue reading Work


Who’s said that, if you have any movement issue, you can’t have fun? There are many ways and, luckily, facilitations for those who love going to concerts, cinema, theatre, etc. It would be a pity not to benefit from them, wouldn’t it?


Travelling, moving, going on holiday despite mobility issues: is it utopia? No, it’s reality! Many services make this experience possible to everyone: let’s discover them together!   ACCESSible tourism     ITALy     europe   Enjoy your trip!