Let’s go to the concert!

Summer is the season for travel and holidays, staying outside and – why not? – attending our favourite singer’ concert.

When you have to deal with mobility issues, besides buying the ticket, you also have to think about the location that will host the event: how can you make sure to be able to reach it and that, once you’ll be there, the seat you’ve bought will be suitable for who needs to use a wheelchair or crutches?

Good – better: great- news for you: all the most important companies organizing concerts and music festivals have accessible seats and, above all, particularly favourable buying conditions for disabled people and their companions.


Here you have some examples:

  • D’Alessandro & Galli, in each event it organizes, has a reserved area for disabled people and their companions, usually located near the fire exits, to guarantee their safety. The interested person must download the request form from the company website, fill it with the requested data and submit it to grazia@dalessandroegalli.com. The day after, he will have to call 0584/46477 to confirm the reservation and know all the details about the offered facilitations, that change depending on the event. Keep in mind that seats are assigned giving priority to the most severe disabilities, then you’d better reserve your seat in advance to the events date. The company has also specific conditions for children. If you want to take your children to the concert, before buying the ticket, verify that that event is “children friendly” (sometimes, based on the type of event or the location, events could be forbidden to children) and contact the company sending an e-mail to info@dalessandroegalli.com or calling 0584/46647.
  • Barley Arts allows the disabled person and his/her companion to attend the events it organizes buying only one ticket at full price (without pre-sale rights), not using the usual sales channels, but directly contacting the company sending an e-mail to info@barleyarts.com. To benefit from the facilitations and reserve your seat in the accessible area, you must attach a copy of your invalidity certificate, specifying whether you need a seat or not, plus name and surname of your companion (who must necessarily be an adult) and, if you think to reach the location by car, the vehicle plate, so that you can access the reserved parks. If everything is ok, you’ll get an e-mail confirming your reservation within 10 days since you submitted your request. You can choose to buy your ticket in advance (once you’ve received the confirmation) or directly at the event ticket office: in both cases, you’ll simply have to show the confirmation e-mail printed, to have it.
  • Live Nation has even better conditions, since it offers totally free entrance both to the disabled people and to their companions. How to get it? It’s easy: well in advance (as soon as the company announces the tickets sales for the event you’re interested in are open), send a request e-mail to simone@livenation.it, specifying your name and surname, a phone number and an e-mail address and, of course, the event you’re interested in, plus a copy of your invalidity certificate. As the other companies, Live Nations gives priority to the most severe disabilities. In case of particularly requested events, the company gives the opportunity to who sends the request when the seats are sold out to enrol in the waiting list: should someone else give up, the company representative will contact the interested people to confirm the seat availability and finalize everything. But don’t take it too easy! When I decided to attend the concert of my beloved Placebo (scheduled for November 2016 in Assago), in February (9 months in advance!) there was a waiting list already: lucky me, someone gave up, otherwise I would have missed it!

Then, check the events scheduled in your city or where you want to go on holiday, reserve your seat and enjoy the show!