Job interview and disability: how to deal with it

Job interviews, we know, is a very stressful experience for everyone, since it’s full of expectations, hope… and a good dose of anxiety! But, when the candidate is a disabled person, another embarrassment sums up to the interview anxiety: “How are they dealing with my disability? Will I have to talk about it? If so, how and to what extent? Do I have to bring some documents about it?” and so on. So, let’s try to clarify.

DisabilitY: to talk or not to talk about it?

If you have applied and are being interviewed for is addressed to “protected categories” (I don’t know what you think, but I hate this expression: I’m not an endangered animal!), the interviewer obviously expects to meet a disabled person, so it’s normal that he asks something about your condition, to understand if it’s compatible with the tasks required by the specific position. There’s nothing strange or detrimental in that. On the contrary, it’s the right time for you to express particular needs, if any (for instance, if you’ll regularly need some days off for medical examinations or therapies, and, if so, you’ll have to request the permits as per the 104/92 law) or ask something more specific about the daily tasks you’ll be supposed to carry out. Don’t panic: you won’t have to give up your privacy, sharing too many details about your disease or medical history! You’ll only have to briefly explain if you won’t be able to carry out some tasks or, for instance, you’ll need specific tools or adjustments to your workstation.

which documents do you have to bring to the interview?

As I wrote earlier, you don’t need to bring with you all the documents detailing our medical history (thank God!). On the contrary, it can be useful to bring with you (in addition to your resume and other professional documents, if needed, of course!):

Anything else is redundant. Because, as it happens to whoever faces a job interview, at that time, the focus won’t be on your disability or medical history, but on your skills, background and ambitions.

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