“Io viaggio ovunque”: moving in Lombardy

Do you live in Lombardy and have a disability or are older than 65? You’d be eligible for benefiting from a favoured rate to buy “Io viaggio ovunque” (=I travel everywhere), an annual subscription on a magnetic card, allowing you to use without additional costs all the public transports both at regional and local level (including trains and subways). Useful indeed, mostly for those who- for business, study or leisure- travel daily or frequently.

COSTS and requirements

If you have a certified disability or are older than 65, you’d be eligible for buying an even more convenient card (the so called “IVOL Agevolata”, i. e. Facilitated “I travel everywhere”). Here you have the costs for the three facilitations brackets and the requirements to be entitled for them:

1st bracket – € 10.00/year

  • Invalid person due to war or service from the 1st to the 5th category
  • Deportee in Nazi death camps, with an invalidity from the 1st to the 5th category, or with a legally recognized disability not lower than 67%
  • Invalid person due to terrorism or criminality from the 1st to the 5th category or the corresponding percentage of reduction of the working capacity
  • Totally blind person (art. no. 2 138/2001)
  • Partially blind person (art. no.3 L. 138/2001)
  • Serious partially sight (art. no.4 L. 138/2001)
  • Deaf (art. no.1 381/1970)
  • 100% legally disabled person
  • Minor with disability, in accordance with the current law
  • Unable and invalid due to work reasons with a percentage starting from 80% (as certified by the INAIL minutes)
  • Victim of duty with a permanent disability not lower than 80%
  • Refugee in need (art. no. 1, n. 4, L. 763/1981)

2nd bracket – € 80.00/year

  • Invalid person due to war or service from the 6th to the 8th category, with an ISEE within 16,500 €
  • Invalid due to terrorism or criminality from the 6th to the 8th category or corresponding percentage reduction of the working capacity, with an ISEE within 16,500 €
  • Legally disabled person from 67% to 99%, with an ISEE within 16,500 €
  • Unable and invalid due to work reasons from 67% to 79%, with an ISEE within 16,500 €
  • Person older than 65, with an ISEE within 12,500 €

3rd bracket – € 699.00/year

  • Person older than 65 (without any ISEE limit)

"Io viaggio ovunque"

how to request the card

You can request the “Io viaggio ovunque” facilitated card choosing among the following procedures:

  1. downloading the request forms from the Trasporti Regione Lombardia website
  2. using the paper forms available at the post offices in Lombardy or at the SpazioRegione offices active in all the provinces
  3. directly on the dedicated website, benefiting, in this case, from a shorter timing to examine the documents

If you use the paper forms, you must fill them completely, attach the required documents (e.g. copy of the identity card) and bring or send them to the nearest SpazioRegione office.

On the contrary, if you choose the third option, you must answer all the questions that pop up on the screen (in order to identify the right facilitation bracket) and submit your request directly online (after having digitally signed it using the appropriate software, or, if not, after having printed, signed and scanned it), attaching a copy of your identity card.

tessera IVOLThe request and the documents are reviewed and, if everything is ok, within 40 days from when the request has been received, a postal payment slip is sent to the applicant, so that he can pay the subscription rate (only at a Poste Italiane office). Then, within 45 days, the card is sent directly to the applicant home. In the meanwhile, it is possible to travel using the receipt and a valid ID card. Shouldn’t the card arrive within 45 days from the payment, it’s necessary to get in touch with Regione Lombardia calling the toll-free number 800.318.318 or directly at its offices, to avoid fines.

Should the request be rejected, or the documents be found incomplete or insufficient, the applicant will receive a communication detailing the reasons for the rejection or the documents to add by the specified date.

how to activate the card

The card must be activated, as it happens for the standard urban subscriptions, using the ATM totems present in the subway stations or at the parking meters in Milan or even at the TreNord stations ticket offices and ticket validation machines.

how to renew the card

The “Io viaggio ovunque” card is annual. Right before a month to the expiry date, the Region will sent to those who keep the requirements all the documents needed for the renewal.

And what if, in the meanwhile, something should change in the requirements or personal data communicated in the past? If the variation implies to pass from a category to another, the applicant must present a new request. In all the other cases, on the contrary, he must simply communicate (through a fax or personally) the variations to the nearest SportelloRegione office.

Is everything clear? Enjoy your trip!