Final report: what it is and how to get it

The final report is one of the documents needed to enrol in the disability hiring quotas. Established through the D.P.C.M. of January 13th 2000, this certificate doesn’t include sensitive data and it’s written by the ASL Integrated Medical Commission, who reports the functional diagnosis and suggests the tasks the disabled person is able to carry out.

Final report

Private businesses hiring people with disability don’t necessarily require the final report, but it’s useful to request for it, for any eventuality. The request procedure, today, is very simple:

  1. If you already have the INPS PIN, simply access the “Servizi online” area of the website and select Servizi per il cittadino and, then, Invalidità Civile: Invio Domanda di Riconoscimento dei Requisiti sanitari.
  2. After having inserted your fiscal code and INPS PIN, you access the area where you can submit your request, easily online, clicking on Acquisizione Richiesta.
  3. In the following screenshots, you have to add your personal data and, if your invalidity has been certified already and you just want to benefit from the facilitations as per the law regarding the disability hiring quotas, select Riconoscimento and Collocamento mirato, respectively.
  4. Once you’ve finished filling the request and submitted it to the system, you’ll see its copy and receipt, both in PDF format: it’s advisable to save those documents on your PC, in case of verifications or request for further information.
  5. Logging into the INPS website, furthermore, you’ll have the possibility to check the status of your request, plus any scheduled meeting and so on.
  6. After a few weeks, you’ll receive through registered mail the convocation for the two examinations needed to receive the final report: the first is an interview with a member of the medical commission, in order to know the person, his educational and professional background, his habits and lifestyle.
  7. Information collected during the interview will be useful to the medical commission to manage the next examination, when the final report will be written down. The applicant will receive it within 4 months since the examination.

Once you get your final report, you have to give a copy to your employer (if he hasn’t requested it already) and another one to the Employment Center, that will add it to your dossier.

Where do I find a job? The job boards for “protected categories”

We’ve talked about how to enrol in the lists of the “disability hiring quotas” and benefit from the advantages as per the 68/99 law. But, once you’ve enrolled, how to be aware of new job opportunities? In addition to the services offered by the employment centres, there are many specialised job boards issuing job opportunities addressed to the so-called “protected categories”, in addition to general job boards, where you can find job opportunities for all the workers (including “protected categories”).

work for protected categories

  • Categorie Protette al Lavoro (Protected Categories at Work), owned by Andrea Poletti & Associati, collects job opportunities addressed to disabled people. The new release of the website, “live” since a few days, in addition to the sections reserved to businesses and candidates, includes a section about news and law updates about disability hiring quotas.
  • Jobmetoo is an online staffing company, founded and leaded by Daniele Regolo, a deaf man with a long experience in designing solutions to facilitate a satisfying inclusion of disabled people in the world of work. Besides managing directly selections for their own customers, the website collects job opportunities issued by other staffing companies and head hunters. But the real distinguishing feature of the portal is the detail level of the profile of candidates who sign up to the website: filling in correctly all the requested info, it’s truly possible to find out the right job opportunity for your ambitions and effective capabilities. Moreover, the website is truly accessible for everyone thanks to the Farfalla Project, an add-on active on all its pages (you can identify it from the small wheel symbol), enabling to set the best visualization according to your specific needs. The offer is completed by a blog, constantly updated with articles, news, success stories of people that, thanks to Jobmetoo, have reached their professional goals.

So, let’s update your resume, register your profile, apply to the offers fitting with you and get ready for the interview!

Different abilities and work: the disability hiring quotas

Throughout the years, many laws have been issued in order to promote the access to work for disabled people, giving them the opportunity to carry out activities suitable for their residual working capacity. The most famous and mentioned of those laws is the 68/99 law, regulating the so-called “hiring quotas”, not just for disabled people (the so-called “protected categories” don’t include just disabled people, but also orphans and widows due to war or work, refugees and victims of terrorism or criminality). The law establishes, for businesses with more than 15 employees, the obligation to hire also workers with disability (whose quotas depend on the total workforce), choosing them from the ones included in the appropriate lists. How can you have access to this (little) advantage?


  1. First, it’s essential to have a certificate attesting the invalidity and the final report, a document written by the same medical commission certifying the invalidity that aims to detail the residual working capacity of the person and the tasks he is suitable for. In order to request those documents, please refer to the INPS
  2. Then, go to the employment center of your area, bringing, in addition to the above documents, your identity card and fiscal code.
  3. You don’t need to bring certificates related to your qualifications (both educational and professional): self-certification is enough.

Once you enrolled in your province list, you’ll be contacted in case of opportunities suitable for your profile. When you get employed, your name is deleted from the list (since you’re not available anymore): should that employment relationship come to an end, you’ll have to enrol again, but it will take just a few minutes!

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll review together the private services (first of all, specialised job boards) helping the disabled people access the world of work.