The idea

What does it mean, to you,  “freedom to move“?

To me, it’s the possibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without depending on anybody else to do it. However, this apparently very simple thing- most of all when, as it is in my case, you live in a big city, with a widespread and well working public transport like Milan- can suddenly get complicated (or even impossible), if you have a physical or sensorial disability (both temporary or permanent) or if you go around with a little child in the stroller or, simply, holding a large suitcase. Have you ever thought about that?



Several years ago, after a health problem that has permanently limited my “freedom to move”, I had to decide: did I prefer to shut myself at home or to look for a solution to keep, as much as possible, my autonomy?

Obviously, thanks to my stubbornness, I chose the second option and started to look for services and initiatives allowing people in my (or worse) conditions to keep, however, an autonomous life. And- surprise! – I’ve found a lot of examples!

But there’s still a lot to do so that a journey, for business or tourism reasons, or a simple transfer from a point to another of the city will never turn into an ordeal or an insuperable obstacle. Since it’s ok to do it with someone’s help, but can you figure how much better it is when you can make it with your own efforts?

Most of the times, a few, simple measures would be enough to let everybody move autonomously in his own city (and abroad as well!). The goal of this website is, on one hand, sharing what already helps everybody move (in Italy and above) independently and, on the other hand, raising awareness both public opinion and institutions so that all our cities and, gradually, the whole world can truly be “for all”.

Would you like to help me to make this dream come true? Follow me!



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